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Now that Dumbledore is gone.

Firstly. I'd like to thank the mod for giving me posting access.
And Secondly..
Harry is now without guidance. It was difficult enough to go after the one horcrux WITH Dumbledore. Harry wouldn't have been able to make it into the cave without him. He's learning that he has to do things on his own, but I wonder if he'll have a sort of new mentor, or if dumbledore will have left him something more to help him? Maybe his portrait? And could the portrait actually help harry? I think JKR states that the portraits are merely imprints and mostly repeat catch phrases. Maybe fawkes will be of some help. What do you all think?
Sorry this is such a lame discussion. But the locket and snape topics have been discussed to death.
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Didn't Fawkes... go away? And yeah, I was thinking about the portrait too - if that Phineas Nigellus guy or whatever his name is can talk and offer his opinion and stuff, then Dumbledore should be able to.
Yeah. But I read an interview that kind of hinted we'd be seeing fawkes again.
I think that Harry needs to be completely alone in this situation. I think maybe Hermione and Ron will help out when it is nessessary for another person...but i donno, i think that in the end its Harry that has to do it all alone. And if Dumbledore and Sirius [and his parents] didnt die - then they would surley want to help...i think Rowling knows that the only way to make sure that Harry fight Voldemort alone is if all the people he love are brutally murdered by Voldemort or one of his followers.
ya know...a revenge thing but also it just makes it certain he do the fight alone...Dumbledore told him all he really needed to know...but i dont think it will ever be enough...i wasnt ready for him to die.

I just hope that they dont kill Ron or Hermione..............eeeeek.

If Ron or Hermione (or Ginny for that matter) get killed, I'll never be the same, lol
I really hope they don't.
But JKR keeps hinting that harry is losing everyone close to him.
I m not really sure I d be able to finish the book if Hermione got killed. I d like to THINK she would nt just kill EVERYONE off for the last book, but I guess all bets are off, it being the last one at all. One of my idiot "friends" told me that Hermione died in HBP and I had to flip to the end just to make sure she was still talking, otherwise I m not even sure if I d have finished this one, HAHA.
Ok, I ll do what Poseidon told me to do. Ooo, ooo, mr. main mod person! Can I have posting access? And wow, was not aware Poseidon was a girl. He was one of the most kickass of the greek gods, definately a good lj name. Much more than mine just adding -man to part of my last name.
I do believe the headmaster's portrait will be there for guidance. Black's portrait would tell what happened in 12 Grimuald Place, so... It's possible.
I dont think its a lame discussion at all, because I ve had ideas about this too. Man this is great to be able to talk to other people about this with. I dont know how much the portrait can offer, because yeah, Phineas talks alot, but it is nt often advice, its mostly just to yell about some upstart kid or something, which is probably what he did alot in real life. I think I read somewhere else, maybe in here, that the portraits mostly just repeat alot of the things the previous headmasters said in real life, dont really offer anything new. I m sure the portrait will be in the next book (assuming we see Hogwarts at all), but I dont think it will be much help. The more I thought about it (I had Dumbledores death ruined for me, I had some idiot "friends" who decided to tell me as soon as I came home with the book), I think it was almost necessary for him to die. Yes, it sucks, and I certainly didnt want it to happen, but the point was that it showed Harry that he really is alone in his task to kill Voldemort. He cant lean on anyone, like he did Sirius, his parents (to an odd extent), Dumbledore, and even Hagrid. He has to do this by himself, and nothing could have shoved that idea down his throat more than Dumbledores death. I hope that makes sense and I m not just rambling. And I dont think we ve seen the last of Fawkes, he sang that song mourning his owner but I m guessing he might be able to help Harry in the last battle, or he might just become Harrys pet all together. Guess thats up to JKR and how much she likes the phoenix. But he already helped in Chamber of Secrets, and he was definately a big help, so hopefully we will see more of him in the 7th book. I m much like alsonwonderland on the idea that if Hermione or Ginny gets killed, I ll never be the same, HAHA. One of the idiots who ruined the ending for me tried telling me Hermione died too, and I had to flip to the end to make sure she was still talking, because I m not sure if I d have read the books anymore if she died. She is more or less the main reason I read the books, although, Ginny has become a close second after this one. Anyone else have a favorite character thats not Harry? Sounds like that could be a good discussion thread.
Yeah. I think that she said in an interview that portraits were just imprints and mostly repeated catch phrases.
Sorry the death was ruined for you. Luckily I had read the book by saterday morning. There aren't really any obsessive fans around here to ruin it for me.
Dumbledore's death was kind of hard to accept. I felt like I want loseing a fictional grandfather.
Oh. And in an interview that's probably about a day or two old. She hinted that we'd see Fawkes again, and in an interview a while ago she said that Harry may have another pet. I don't know it that would count buckbeak/witherwings, or what.
My favorite characters are Dumbledore, and Hagrid. Sadly, I only have one left. :(
Yes, dumbledores death was REALLY hard for me to accept. I made a noise unlike any other noise in my life when I first read Snape casting the spell. I think I reread it a few times before I moved on to anything else. And I knew it was coming! I kept trying to say they were lying but deep down I knew it actually made sense for him to die. And I dont have any friends that are obsessive fans, they are just jackasses that thought it would be funny to ruin something that I am passionate about. But yeah, I m pretty sure Fawkes will be Harrys new pet, we ve already seen alot of Buckbeak and he basically seems to be Hagrid/Sirius', so Fawkes would make sense, he already helped Harry once. I really like Hagrid too and I thought it was awesome when he fought off the chump Death Eaters and normal spells dont even phase him. Same in book 5 when they tried to arrest him and he took some people OUT. I loved it. I ve always been a fan of the way he talks too, its not as cool as Krum, but its definately different and cool. And my favorite character, since I ll talk about her all day along and I ve already mentioned it a few times, is Hermione, hands down. I think because I like bossy girls in real life (my best friend is VERY bossy, maybe I ll try to get her to join too so you can see for yourself, HAHA), and Hermione definately keeps Harry and Ron in line. She pissed me off during the whole S.P.E.W. thing, but she outgrew it thank god. Its a tie between Ginny and Luna for my second favorites, I almost wanted Harry to hook up with Luna in book 6, I d have been just as excited if he kissed her as when he kissed Ginny.
Oh gosh. I love Luna :)
And I actually laughed for a few minutes when Hagrid kicked peoples *hmm. Yeah. I don't know if cussing is allowed. So I'll leave it at that.
Woops, heh, guess I dont know if we can swear or not, thats up to the mod. I tend to let some slip sometimes and we ever get on the subject of Umbridge I could probably make a drunken irish sailor blush, so I suppose I ll wait until I know for sure till I throw out any more bad words. Could be some younger people in here, would nt want to offend anyone. But yeah, I thought it was pretty great both times, I was sorta hoping he would try and take out Umbridge that night but that was just wishful thinking on my part. and GOOD LORD did it make me mad when she showed up to Dumbledores funeral, I mean, I m sure JKR was mostly just running the cast of characters of nearly everyone harry had encountered since the beginning (minus the Dursleys, of course), but did she really HAVE to be there? shes worthless! whys she working for the minstry still anyways? Oh wait, because they are worthless too! HAHA.
Shit, curse away! I doubt this community would attract younger fans, anyway ^_^
Oi, I'm going to sound like an idiot right now, but in my haste to read HBP, I never re-read (sp? lol) the previous books. I think OotP came out two years ago, and my memory is so very bad...

But what happened to the mirror thing Sirius has? And what WAS that veil/vail thing?! Am I the only one insanely hoping Sirius will come back once Voldemort is dead? *hides*

If the mirror thing is still there.. Maybe that will be support for Harry? If the little black-haired baka will look through his chest, that is.. Tsk :P (Anou.. don't get me wrong, I adore Harry!)
My memory sucks too, dont feel bad. I m going on my third time reading through them all, and I still find something new or forgotten in every book, quite a few things actually. The mirror thing, the fancy thing that he gave Harry you mean? And no, you are nt the only one, Sirius wasnt one of my complete favorites, but his death was definately mysterious, and we never got nearly as much evidence of his death as we did Dumbledore DEFINATELY being gone. Like, it was kinda like "OH NO SIRIUS FELL DOWN THE STAIRS HE HIT THE VEIL WHAM HES GONE" and that was about all we got. Where the hell did he go? We never found his body, and it wasn't discussed much, maybe because JKR just wanted to get it over with quick because she liked Sirius so much she hated the idea of killing him off (think she mentioned that in an interview), or maybe he ll come back. I d definately like to think he'll come back after its all over, because then at least Harry would have some family left that he could live happily ever after with (screw the stupid Dursleys).
Lol yes, it was a bit like "blink and you'll miss it" ;) I really hope Sirius will come back.. But even if he doesn't, there will always be fanfic! Mwuahaha!
Yeah, the mirror thingy was broken when Harry -in all his teenage angst- chucked it. I don't really know about Dumbledore's portrait. I mean...the Fat Lady has a mind of her own, and so does Sir Cadogan. That may be completely different and I may just WANT to believe that Harry will still be able to confide to Dumbledore in his portrait. I certainly agree that Harry has to go it alone from here on out....with the exception of Hermione and Ron. And yes- if either of them (or Ginny) dies.....I will be really really...REALLY upset. I mean... I cried when Dumbledore died. If Ron dies....I will ...die. Haha

Ps, Can I consider being a moderator?
Ok, I'll also make you c0-mod, the more the better, I just didnt want there to be a million posts with the same questions/theories like some other communities
Yeah, I think I m interested in being able to post comments in here too. I dont know if that means I want to be a moderator, but I d just like to be able to do what the guy who started this thread did.
"but I d just like to be able to do what the guy who started this thread did."
Girl :P
Just ask the main mod to give you posting access.
Posting access granted ^_^