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Ok, and I hope everyone is sitting down, because this is REALLY nerdy, but...has anyone ever thought about what classes they would take if they went to Hogwarts? See, this whole magic issue is something that has fascinated me since I was a kid, I ve said quite a few times to anyone who cares to listen that I would completely devote my life to magic if it actually DID exist, and its the main reason I read the Dragonlance books back in the day and liked Raistilin, who was a magic user/wizard for anyone who has never heard of those books. So I ve actually given thought to what subjects I would take at Hogwarts. Whats everyone else think, it can be for personal reasons like just because you like who teaches the class (which means a girl or two will probably post that she would want to take potions), or because its something thats always interested you. If anyone else wants to talk about this, I ll post what I think about it too. I already discussed this with a really cool girl I met through this forum, and it made me wonder if anyone else had thought about it too, since she did nt point and laugh at me when I brought it up.
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