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R.A.B. continued the earlier person posted about the identity of R.A.B. being Regulus Black i have some more clues and ideas of my own

1. in OOTP, the gang find a "heavy locket that no one could open"...could this be the missing horcrux? most likely. if any1 wants to look it up, i forget what page it's on, but it's around the time where Sirius shows Harry the tapestry and then the eat lunch

2. someone on wrote an amazing editorial about Kreacher's place in the story. Is it possible that he was the one that helped Regulus get at the locket. Since the boat was too small for 2 grown wizards, Kreacher would have fit perfectly. OR - Regulus could have died and Kreacher bring the locket back to the house...?

3. in the interview that Mugglenet/TLC did with JKR the conversation went like this:
[MA stands for Melissa Anelli of the Leaky Cauldron]

MA: R.A.B.

JKR: Ohhh, good.

[All laugh.]

JKR: No, I'm glad! Yes?

MA: Can we figure out who he is, from what we know so far?

[Note: JKR has adopted slightly evil look here]

JKR: Do you have a theory?

MA: We've come up with Regulus Black.

JKR: Have you now?

MA: Uh-oh.


JKR: Well, I think that would be, um, a fine guess.

MA: And perhaps, being Sirius’s brother, he had another mirror –

JKR: [drums fingers on soda can]

MA: Does he have the other mirror, or Sirius’s mirror —

JKR: I have no comment at all on that mirror. That mirror is not on the table.

if anyone wants to read the interview it's on The Leaky Cauldron and Mugglenet

what does every1 think? have you come up with anything else?
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Could everyone please re-read the posts that we've previously had before making new posts?

We've already discussed:
Regulus Black as R.A.B
The locket from OoTF
Kreacher being with R.A.B.

We have not yet discussed:
The mirror

Try to make a post about the mirror, instead of bringing up old issues that are in previous threads. Because we have several conversations going on about them. :)

Deleted comment

Who else could it possibly be?

And you do realize that there are groups of people who believe that R.A.B. is Amelia Bones, hahahaha. I mean, to many people, it's not that obvious.
Yeah I noticed that locket too. Page 108 or 113 or SOMETHING. I remember them because... oh yeah. Moody looks at the boggart in the closet. What does it look like then eh? With no scaryness thingie?
But...I don't understand the purpose of the mirrors...? What do they mean...?
wow....that JKR is one evil woman!!! i also had a theroy about Regulas being R.A.B