KMD (keeni84) wrote in 7horcruxes,

Lilly Potter

This has been bugging me since before the most recent book but...

Why did Voldemort give Lilly Potter a choice? I don't understand. When Voldemort came to the Potters home, he first killed James Potter. Outright. But when he came to murder(?) Harry, he gave her a choice...A powerful Dark Lord, who murders in the blink of an eye, who tortures and kills, who thrives on blood-purity within the wizarding world, gives a MUGGLE-BORN a choice?!

He told step out of the way. And he told Harry that his mother "needn't have died". It's very striking to me that Voldemort would do something like this. I don't understand it at all.

What are your thoughts? I am totally stumped by this.
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