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Ok, question time

Alright, most people probably think this has been done to death, but I was just talking with my roomates girlfriend who finished the book, and she was confused about the horcrux business too. So, Dumbledore died for basically nothing, right? And what was Regulus Black (R.A.B. for the uninitiated) planning to do with the potion...thing that Dumbledore drank? And it was fake because Regulus had got there first, right? And thats why Voldemort most likely killed him, I d imagine. But we both don't really understand what Regulus was going to get out of it. Would he like, be able to come back like Tom Riddle did in the second book? Was that his plan, did HE want to have a horcrux for himself, and thats why Voldemort had him killed? See, I think I missed the entire point of Dumbledore drinking that potion and R.A.B. because I was so messed up over D dying. So I just rushed to the end and didn't take in much after JKR decided to hit me with that huge freakin shocker. So what does everyone else think? I know Keeni always had good ideas on things like this, so maybe you can help?
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